Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella

Wind resistant patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Picking the right color combination can really add a splash of color to your outdoor space. Whether it’s on a patio, a deck, or by a pool, an umbrella can provide beauty and comfort. Most people think about the size, shape, and color when they look for outdoor umbrellas, but what about the style of the frame?

Traditional frames are made of aluminum or wood. Aluminum umbrella frames are very light weight and resistant to corrosion. Wooden umbrella frames are very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But one of the biggest problems with both of these umbrellas is the threat of wind damage.

But there is an alternative. One of the most durable types of frames for outdoor umbrellas is a fiberglass frame. Fiberglass is a very flexible and versatile non-corrosive material commonly used in fishing poles and boats. The fiberglass spokes in the umbrella frame makes the umbrella incredibly wind resistant. When the wind blows very hard in a traditional umbrella, the spines are bent and mangled by the wind. Sometimes this causes damage to the fabric as well. But with fiberglass umbrellas, the spines actually bend in the wind. The umbrella can take a lot of abuse from the wind and still go back to its original shape with no resulting damage to the spines.

As for the cost, aluminum umbrellas are the least expensive, with wooden umbrellas costing about 10- 15% more than that. Fiberglass umbrellas will cost you about 10%- 15% on average more than the wooden ones.

So when you’re shopping for an outdoor umbrella, make sure you choose the color that looks the best with your surroundings, the size that best fits your space, and the style that will last the longest in your climate.


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