Pink Patio Umbrella

Pink patio umbrella. We have all these great spaces for our new patio umbrellas but where do we put them? What works and what doesn’t? What do we need to consider when we place them? This article will answer these questions and a few suggestions on how to figure your outdoor space. There can be a real element of design when creating your space and, given the size and visual impact of these umbrellas we need to be careful how they are integrated in these spaces.

The best place to start is to draw picture of the area you are working in. Put in buildings, plants, bushes, tables, etc. Don’t be afraid of too much detail. Use colors and textures to help your mind get a good grasp on the area. Next cut out some circles from colored paper the scaled size of umbrellas this will allow us to move them around on the drawing. This isn’t a bad idea to do with tables and chairs. There are a lot of choices at this point. Color and size are the obvious things to consider. Do you want the patio umbrellas to stand out or do you want them to blend with the natural surroundings. If you have a beautiful flower bed with vibrant colors you want your eye drawn to a pink umbrella. If you have an outside bar area that is drab, find a color pink or logo umbrella that you can hang decorative light from. Pink patio umbrella.

Sometimes we have a confined space to work with and some other aspects need to be taken into consideration. Along with the diameter of the umbrella, color can make it appear larger or smaller. The height if the post is also a factor. Higher up may block an ugly telephone pole while a lower post may create a more intimate setting. Either way, study your area and make your choice before you buy. You may want to leave the tag on it in case you want to return.

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