Patio Umbrella Stand Side Table

Patio umbrella stand side table. Of all of the components of a patio umbrella, the stand is hands down the most important one to ensuring that it works properly. This is because the stand is what weighs the umbrella down, making sure that it stays in its position and doesn’t collapse under its own weight or a stiff breeze. The last thing you want on a nice sunny day is for the atmosphere to be ruined by a falling piece of patio furniture. Keep these key tips in mind when picking out the base best for you.

The Size of the Canopy Matters Most
This one’s relatively easy and intuitive to grasp. Basically, the bigger the umbrella canopy, the heavier the stand needs to be. This is an absolute – every time. Make sure that you know the diameter of your patio umbrella stand side table before choosing the base, as this strongly determines what the weight should be. You can do this really easily with a tape measure if you’re at home. If you’re in the store, it should clearly indicate the diameter on the product itself. Patio umbrella stand side table.

Patio Umbrella Stand Side Table Position
Where your umbrella will ultimately go helps to determine how heavy the base needs to be. If the umbrella is placed in a table setup, the base can be significantly lighter than if it were a stand alone model. The general rule is to take the weight it would be if encompassed by a table and add about 15 pounds. This will determine how much weight you need for a stand alone patio umbrella most of the time. If you’re unsure, consult a table or ask a professional about your specific design and umbrella.

Neck Diameter
With the necessary weight determined, you next need to make sure that the base you’ve selected will fit with the pole of the umbrella. Don’t forget to check whether the neck diameter of the base and umbrella pole match before you make any purchases.


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