Patio Chair Leg Caps

Patio chair leg caps. One of the worst things that can happen to a home is to get a ton of horrible, deep scratches and dents put into your nice hardwood floors. Not only do these look ugly, but you won’t get around to fixing them ever. The best way to deal with these problems is to prevent them from the beginning. Preventing these scratches and dents is as easy as making breakfast, which you do every day. It’s probably cheaper than making breakfast though, which is nice to hear because it can cost thousands of dollars to repair and resurface your hardwood floor.

Patio chair leg caps are the solution to those scratches that are found under your patio chairs all over your house. They are extremely cheap, typically around $10 for a bag of them, and they will save you from thousands of dollars of repairs down the road. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when considering purchasing these patio chair leg caps. The first thing is the size of the cap. You want the cap to fit correctly, or else it will just cause more problems. A cap that is too small can still leave the patio chair leg exposed to the wood, and perhaps result in scratches even still. A cap that is too big will just fall off of the chair leg and you will probably scratch the floor when putting the patio chair back down. Find a cap that fits perfectly over the chair that requires some hassle to get off, so you will be fully covered. Patio chair leg caps.

Another thing to consider is the type and color of the cap you want. There are two types of these caps: slip on caps and screw in caps. It is easy to determine which type of cap you will want to use by merely looking at the patio chair leg itself and determining this from your own perspective. Now, the color is not to be taken lightly. When adding something to furniture, such as this, you don’t want it to stand out and create an eye sore. Pick a color that blends in nicely with the patio chair leg itself so it doesn’t reduce the appeal factor of the nice furniture you paid so much money for in the first place.


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