Lazy Susan For Patio Table

Lazy Susan For Patio Table. Lazy Susan For Patio Table will shift everything around your patio table with ease and you will not be constantly asking for things. You need about 14 inches of room at the edge of the patio table to put your plate and glass or cup on. The rest of the table can be used by your Lazy Susan.

Measure the diameter of your lazy Susan allowing for the 14″ at the edge. Measure also the size of the umbrella hole in the center. Now proceed to your nearest glass supplier and tell them you require a round piece of glass of the diameter you have worked out, with the right size hole in the middle. Tell them what it is for and ask them what thickness they would recommend. For most sizes you will require toughened safety glass of 5mm.

Now half the distance between the outside edge of the glass and the centre. This is where your turntable mechanism will go. You need to router a channel in your patio table top at half the distance between the center and the edge of the Lazy Susan glass top. Mark it with a pencil. Put your umbrella or something through the center hole of the patio table and attach your router with wire or string so that you can create a perfect channel in the patio table top. The depth would need to be 1/2″ and the width 1″. This will allow the marbles to roll around freely in the groove. Lazy Susan For Patio Table.

You will require an umbrella or something in the center hole when the Lazy Susan is being used because there will otherwise be nothing to hold it in place and it could wander off on the marbles. Your friends will be intrigued to see the marbles working underneath. Or you can order frosted glass to obscure the view. Lazy Susan For Patio Table is a wonderful compliment to your patio table especially if you have built it yourself with a picnic table plan.

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